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Flexible Financing

The idea is for you to be part of our world with all the facilities we can offer and adjust to your needs.

We have a flexible financing system with the lowest down payment in the market. With a 10% down payment and the balance in installments as agreed, with the possibility of financing post property delivery.

Cereal Barter

Weston Plus, registered and authorized for bartering cereal for properties, allows producers to finance the purchase of a housing unit for up to four harvests, adding flexibility to the barter system.

By offering agricultural producers the opportunity to exchange grains for goods and services, this system avoids withholdings or taxes, enabling them to utilize 100% of the value of their products. This approach not only facilitates the acquisition of inputs or services without cash, providing fiscal efficiency and financial flexibility, but also results in up to a 25% improvement in operational and financial efficiency.

This innovative mechanism of bartering cereal for real estate, coupled with the producer's ability to directly negotiate grain prices, not only provides a valuable tool for real estate investment but also maximizes the value of agricultural production, optimizing profits and operational efficiency for producers by up to 25%.

Do you want to invest in projects that will transform your life?