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AV JUAN B JUSTO Y A.  Valentini, Mar del Plata

Developed on a 5200.00m2 plot, POINT addresses the challenge of breaking through the urban barrier materialized by Juan B. Justo Avenue in Mar del Plata. It’s a permeable building where the interior merges with the exterior, generating new public urban spaces that connect with the neighborhood.

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Mixed-use complexes are a concept that has come to redefine the way we live and represent the new global trend.This proposal by WESTON PLUS embodies a new lifestyle, where leisure time, living, sharing moments with family and friends, shopping, and working coexist harmoniously in one place.Such developments not only benefit their future occupants but also create a new momentum for the neighborhood and its residents. The different uses are developed in independent buildings, each serving one or more purposes.This is where Weston Point comes into play, featuring a commercial promenade, a gastronomic area, recreational spaces, a business center, a convention center, hospitality, housing, and public/private parking, incorporating an active lifestyle where the exterior blends with the interior, creating environments tailored to today's market needs, providing functionality and warmth.That's the POINT Identity.

Developed on a 5200.00m2 plot, WESTON POINT addresses the challenge of breaking through the urban barrier materialized by Juan B. Justo Avenue, proposing a permeable building where the interior merges with the exterior and new public urban spaces are generated, connecting with the neighborhood and allowing for its opening.

A modern and functional design serves the future residents, providing solutions to the current lifestyle, which will be realized through new trends while also referencing local tradition, the Mar del Plata Stone, a hallmark of our city, symbolizing quality and solidity.


Available Units in Residences

44 studio units

70 one-bedroom units

53 two-bedroom units

POINT in Numbers:

0 +

Housing units

0 +

Commercial Spaces


Square meters of construction

Weston POint features

  • Parking:
    2 underground levels with approximate capacity for 400 vehicles.
  • Commercial Spaces:
    2250m2 developed on ground floor (PB) and mezzanine.
  • Gastronomy:
    600 m2 covered.
    350 m2 uncovered.
  • Amenities:
    Swimming pool
    Golf Range
    Multipurpose room (SUM)
    Game room
    Whirlpool baths (Jacuzzis)
    Massage room
    Changing rooms
    Front Desk
  • Reception:
  • Conference room:Capacity for 220 people.
  • Flexible floors.
  • Co-Working area.
  • Meeting room.
  • Printing Center.
  • 25 rooms.
  • Roof Top.
  • Access to all Weston Point amenities.
  • 5 Residential Buildings.
  • 166 Units: 44 one-bedroom units. 70 two-bedroom units. 52 three-bedroom units.
  • Each building has its own amenities: Covered barbecue area (Quincho Cubierto). Laundry. Outdoor grill with terrace.


Real Estate Broker:

Giromini Soluciones Inmobiliarias

Boulevard Marítimo 3983 – Castelli 1416, Mar del Plata